Millennials Are Choosing Their Vacations Based On Instagram


It should come as no surprise that your friend’s gorgeous Instagram pic from her Bali trip made you want to go. Over 48 million posts with the tag #wanderlust currently live on the social media platform, and seeing others vacation in these dream locations just results in having serious travel fever. Millennials are starting the ultimate trend — planning their vacations after seeing them on Instagram.

CityAM reports that holiday booking website Super Break surveyed 1,000 people who recently took a trip and focused on how they picked their destinations. The website found that at least one in three booked a vacation after seeing a photo of a desirable location on Instagram. For millennials, that number was even higher at 64 percent of vacationers.

The craziest part? One in six vacationers admitted to spending over two days of his or her annual vacation time just taking and editing photos from traveling.

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We’re not sure if these findings are necessarily good or bad, but we admit it’s a bit jarring that social media plays this big of a role in people’s lives. The #wanderlust tag may just be the place to look if you’re not sure where to go next.