6 Microwave Hacks That Have Nothing To Do With Food


We’re all about finding new and innovative ways to use our microwaves. There’s so much these handy kitchen appliances can do that have nothing to do with food. Most us have heard about the ingenious way to sterilize those nasty kitchen sponges, but microwaves can make every area of our lives a little bit sweeter. Here are six microwave hacks you might not know about, but absolutely need in your life.

1. For some therapeutic relief… Make a hot compress.


Bring the spa to you! Simply grab a washcloth, soak it with filtered water, wring out the excess liquid and pop it in the microwave. Heating it on high for one minute should do the trick. Just be careful when you remove the towel in case it’s a little too steamy.

2. For some extra savings at the post office… Reuse those stamps.


Genius. Whether you put the wrong stamp on an envelope by accident or just want to be sneaky and reuse ones that haven’t been roughed up in the mail already, the microwave is your friend. Pat a few drops of water on top of the stamp and then stick the envelope in the microwave for 20 seconds. Those stamps will peel right off!

3. For an extra clean kitchen… Disinfect that cutting board.


Cleaning a cutting board and disinfecting it are two completely different things. But luckily, you can cover your plastic cutting boards with lemon juice, pop them in the microwave for one minute, and then breathe easy knowing that your meal prep staple is officially germ-free and ready to be used again.

4. For a happy makeup bag (and wallet)… Revive your dry mascara


If you’re not quite ready to part with your favorite mascara, but it’s getting a little dry and flaky, call on your microwave for assistance. Just place a glass of water and the upright mascara tube without the brush in the microwave and run it for 10 seconds. Voilá!

5. For the perfect dinner party table… Fix those wobbly taper candles


Nobody likes a shaky centerpiece. Keep your taper candles looking nice and new for your event, and place beeswax or soy wax in a glass bowl and microwave it for one minute. Then pour that completely melted wax into the base of the candle holders, and place the taper candles on top and hold them in place until the wax is completely dry.

6. For a thriving garden… Sterilize soil for those seedlings.


Let’s get that green thumb going! Just fill a quart-size microwavable container with a pound of moist soil, cover it with a lid, poke a few ventilation holes in the top and heat it for 90 seconds. Let it cool, tape over the ventilation holes to prevent a mess, and use when you’re ready to start your next mini gardening project.