Michelle Obama And BET Team Up To Empower Women Of Color To Vote

michelle obama bet partnership

Flickr/Department for International Development (DFID)

One of our fave first ladies is making a splash with a new partnership that’s working to empower women of color to vote. Michelle Obama released a video message via BET’s Twitter account on Sunday, September 9, focusing on the power that women of color have in leading change.

Obama’s message comes at a time when many are counting down the days to the midterm elections, which are less than two months away.

“I want to talk to you about an issue I care deeply about, and that’s the power and importance of casting our votes and making our voices heard,” Obama said in the opening of the video.

She continued on to remind us that we can all really make a difference when we voteĀ and that there are “consequences when we don’t bother to show up at the polls.”

Her message only got stronger as the video continued.

“Women of color know how to get things done for our families, our communities and our country. When we use our voices, people listen. When we lead, people follow. And when we do it together, there is just no telling what we can accomplish.”

At the end of her message, she urged followers to visit WhenWeAllVote.org for more info on how to register and get ready to cast ballots this November.

As always, we’re feeling inspired AF by Obama and are excited to get behind this initiative and support women of color, and all women in general, so that we can make an impact and thrive in our society. Check out the full video below, and join us in following #BlackGirlsRock, #WhenWeAllVote and #BETImpact so we can empower women of color to use their power and make a difference here in the United States.

[h/t The Daily Caller]


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