Get Your Makeup Done For Less With This Hack

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Whether you’re headed out on a first date or have a big networking event after work next week, chances are you’re going to wear some makeup. Of course, we think you’re beautiful without it, but swiping on a little mascara can definitely be a confidence booster. Whatever the reason, getting your makeup done can be fun, yet costly. If you’re looking to save, then listen up.

The Real Cost Of Getting Your Makeup Done

Getting your makeup professionally done doesn’t come cheap. The price varies depending on the makeup artist and we’ve seen it cost $75 for formal events and $102 for weddings, though we’re sure there are others who charge more or less for their services. That may sound like a lot, but as Oklahoma makeup artist Mikala Walker told Allure magazine, the actual price behind the full face is really in the $600 range because of how much each product costs.

If you’re looking to save some money, stock up on new products and get a freshly done face of makeup for every event, then here’s the hack you’ve been waiting for.

Buy a product, get your makeup done for free.


Unsplash/Raphael Lovaski

Instead of only paying for the service, why not get a new product that you can keep for months, too? If you weren’t aware, Sephora, Ulta and other high-end makeup stores and counters have employees that are great at doing makeup. Many are hired because of their training as an aesthetician or their knowledge of beauty trends. Of course, they’re also trying to sell makeup. But if you’re in the market for both products and a makeover, they might just be your new BFF.

At Sephora, you can get a 60-minute, full-face makeover for free with any $50 purchase. The limit is just one makeover per client, per day, too, so you can go multiple times per month. If you only need a certain part of your makeup done, like your brows or foundation, it’s completely free (no purchase necessary), and again has a limit of just one per client, per day.

At Ulta Beauty, certain makeup brands offer free makeovers with the purchase of products. Prices may vary and not every store has every makeup brand. However, Ulta does offer its own makeup applications that range from $30 to $60 (may vary by location), which may still be cheaper than a solo makeup artist. The website doesn’t specify if you need to buy a product or get any products for free with the application.

Pro Tip: Sign up for your fave store’s rewards program to save even more money on makeup and get free products.

Depending on how often you need your makeup done, you might be able to restock your makeup bag every few months by doing it this way. Try to time it up with when you need to buy new mascara or foundation in order to get the most out of your makeup application experience. By only getting your makeup done for free when you buy a new product, you could end up saving hundreds per year. Free full face of makeup every time you buy a new foundation? That sounds like a beautiful win to us.


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