Side Hustle 4/11/19: Make Money Via Instagram

make money via instagram


How To Hustle This Week: Become a brand ambassador on Instagram.

Even if you only have 200 followers on Instagram, you can make money by being a brand ambassador for small clothing and accessories companies. You may be able to earn a commission, too, when one of your followers buys an item that you promote on your profile. Even better, you get discounts on the products!. A few brands looking to hire right now? Zahara Swimwear, Babesentials, Skinne and Fly Fashion. [Instagram]

“Buckle up and know that it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work, but embrace it.” — Tory Burch

A Dose Of Inspo

When the government shut down earlier this year, two sisters were out of work — and without a paycheck — for longer than they anticipated. To make ends meet, the two started baking cheesecakes and selling them online. Their business, Furlough Cheesecake, took off. So they continued to hustle even after returning to their government day jobs. Little did they know, Ellen DeGeneres was aware of their business — and ready to invest $20,000 to help them succeed! [CNBC]

Where To Spend That Extra Cash

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Jobs For Those Who Love To Cook

Nutrition And Cooking Class Facilitator — Clinton, Massachusetts

Cooking And Baking Instructor — New Orleans, Louisiana

Nutrition Program Coordinator — Tempe, Arizona

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