7 Low-Calorie Cocktails That Taste Way Better Than Vodka Soda

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How many times have you ordered a vodka soda at the bar and winced your entire way through it for the sake of cutting calories? It’s okay, we’ve been there, too. But there are such better booze options to choose from that aren’t just drinks to suffer through for the sake of getting your buzz on. Below are seven tasty options that easily slide in under the 150-calorie mark per drink. Some have quite a bit of sugar, but hey, something about our happy hour drinks needs to remain a little indulgent, right?

1. Sazerac — 136 calories

This classic American cocktail brings on all the flavor without all of the calories by artfully combining rye whiskey, absinthe, bitters, water and a single sugar cube. It’s a whiskey lover’s dream and certainly packs a boozy punch.

2. Spiked Iced Tea — 100 calories

Why aren’t these guys more common on bar menus? There’s just something so refreshing (and zero-calorie) about combining your preferred spirit with your favorite brewed unsweetened iced tea. We recommend pairing this herbal mixer with rum since it’s naturally sweeter in taste.

3. Green Apple Martini — 148 calories

This one surprised us, too. It sounds like it’s loaded with sugar, but the simple combination of vodka, sour apple liqueur and lemon juice actually makes for a pretty puckering drink. At least it’s low-calorie and comes with a yummy Granny Smith apple slice on the rim. Yum!

4. Bloody Mary — 118 calories

These brunch favorites can easily rack up unwanted calories and sodium if you aren’t careful, but a simple blend of fresh tomato juice, vodka, spices and celery keeps numbers in check and your tastebuds mighty satisfied. Just stay away from pre-made tomato mixes, and you’re in the clear.

5. Wine Spritzer — 75 calories

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A standard glass of wine easily hits the 150-calorie mark on its own, so when you replace half that pour with your favorite flavor of seltzer water, you cut those numbers in half while adding a chilled, crispness to your beverage. Plus, if you go back for seconds, it’s as if you only had one glass of wine in the first place. (Win.)

6. Tequila & Soda With Lime — 95 calories

This one may look like a disappointing vodka soda, but fear not. The right silver tequila blended with some seltzer water and a few squeezes of lime makes you feel like you’re this close to indulging in a killer margarita… but without any caloric guilt.

7. Champagne — 90 calories

Is there nothing a little glass of bubbly can’t do? Champagne is perfectly crisp, refreshing and light on the calories. It also tastes delicious on its own. Downing too many might lead to sugar overload, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with raising a glass or two.