Lonely Planet Announces The Top 10 Countries To Visit In 2019

lonely planet best countries 2019

Unsplash/Kirsty Barnby

In case you didn’t have your next year in travel planned, Lonely Planet has your back. The mega travel guide company announced their list of best countries to visit in 2019, and the lineup features some super interesting picks. Basically, you won’t have to look anywhere else for your travel inspo this time around.

Here are the top 10 countries you need to spend time in during this upcoming year.

1. Sri Lanka

Unsplash/Natalia Tavannikova

Why you should go: With a mix of cultures and religions, insanely beautiful wildlife and ornate temples for days, Sri Lanka is full of explorations without all of the tourists. You’ll get lost in the richness of this surprisingly vast country.

2. Germany

Why you should go: Germany has an insane history that can only be fully explained by its gorgeously curated museums. P.S. Berlin’s underground music scene and cool-kid neighborhoods are worth a trip on their own.

3. Zimbabwe

Why you should go: Known as one of Africa’s safest countries, Zimbabwe is full of friendly locals, national parks and tons of forested lands.

4. Panama

Unsplash/Angel Silva

Why you should go: Quite literally in the middle of the Americas, Panama is the perfect intersection between the north and south. From the white sand beaches to the tropical rainforests, you’ll get your nature on here.

5. Kyrgyzstan

Why you should go: Independent travelers will love Kyrgyzstan’s 1,677 miles of breathtaking hiking routes and a revamped national highway system that allows you to travel from country to country super easily.

6. Jordan

Why you should go: Jordan is primarily known for its almost unearthly ruins and even biblical sites, but the friendly tourism scene and incredible food will keep you here.

7. Indonesia

Unsplash/Dennis Rochel

Why you should go: Aside from being a great stopover destination, Indonesia is a melting pot of cultures, thanks to the 17,000+ islands that comprise the country.

8. Belarus

Why you should go: If you’re looking for something a little edgy but not interested in going all the way to Russia, Belarus is your place. Minsk, the country’s hub, offers tons of cool cocktail bars, global events and summits.

9. São Tomé and Príncipe

Why you should go: Floating in the Gulf of Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe offers surreal landscapes, beautiful beaches and lots of cocoa and sugar, due to its trading past.

10. Belize

Unsplash/Chase Fleming

Why you should go: The Caribbean destination hosts the world’s second-largest barrier reef, which means lots of water sport opportunities are at your fingertips.

We bet your next vacay will be incredible if you opt for any of these top 10 spots. We know our off-the-beaten-path travel spirit is loving this list. See you in Belarus!


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