This Temporary Tattoo Helps You Track Your UV Exposure And Avoid Sunburn

LogicInk tattoo


How many times have you questioned how soon is too soon to reapply your sunscreen, so you just wait it out a little bit and end up with a sunburn you honestly never saw coming? Yeah, it happens to us all too often and it sucks. But there’s now a new temporary tattoo on the market that can tell you how harsh your sun exposure is, as well as how close you are to getting a sunburn before it actually happens.

LogicInk temporary tattoos were designed to help people enjoy a day in the sun and stay within healthy UV limits (as defined by the World Health Organization) at the same time. Powered by programmable chemistry and biology, they’re safe for virtually every skin type (the adhesive is gentle enough for sensitive skin types) and they are just the right amount of water resistant so swimming is still on the table.

Each tattoo has two rings. The inner ring tells you how harsh the sun’s rays are at that given point in time by shifting from white to the relevant shade of purple. The outer ring changes from purple to bright pink when you’re getting closer and closer to burning. And the tattoos are designed to last for a day, so you don’t have to worry about the colors adjusting back to their original hues at the end of the day.

LogicInk tattoo


Basically, these tattoos are a pretty visual reminder to take care of yourself on sunny days to avoid unwanted skin damage (because no one wants to peel, be covered in unnecessary wrinkles or develop skin cancer). They’re ideal for people of all ages — even your kid cousins will probably want to emulate you and wear them, too. And there’s an optional LogicInk app that you can download to scan your tattoo at the end of the day and track your UV exposure over time. Pretty cool.

To see the tattoos in action, check out the video below.

A 10-pack of LogicInk tattoos costs $39 on the company’s website, which is a very fair price to pay for protected skin if you ask us. The company recently began shipping orders from its Kickstarter campaign, with almost 4,000 units sent and another 3,000 units on their way out by January 31, 2019.

What’s more, LogicInk was recently awarded a grant from the National Health Institute to expand the use of its patented UV-sensing technology to other measurements like blood alcohol content. These alcohol-measuring tattoos are still in the works, but we’re excited to see them hit the market in the future.

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