Cocktail Bar Leyenda Honors The Spirits And Traditions Of Latin America

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  • Leyenda is a cocktail bar that honors the spirits and traditions of Latin America, but it also happens to have a celebrity chef in the kitchen. Sue Torres, formerly of the beloved Sueños, is responsible for pan-Latin and Mexican dishes like chicharrones, ceviche, and pernil and mofongo
  • Bartender and co-owner Ivy Mix excels at creating cocktails with tropical touches, like the Capataz (mezcal, moscatel, fino sherries, suze, crème de banane, and lime oils) and the Feelings Catcher (Jamaican rum, brandy, bourbon, guava, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, and bitters)
  • Leyenda offers several samplings of tequilas, rums, mezcals, amaros and other outliers from different regions of Mexico and Latin America for your spirits education

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Ivy Mix, and yes, that’s her real name, is the longtime protégé of Julie Reiner, another cocktail genius who runs the drinks program at Clover Club just around the corner and Flatiron Lounge in Manhattan. In 2015, Mix was named Bartender of the Year by Tales of the Cocktail