This Pan Lets You Bake Three Of Your Favorite Recipes All In One

Lasagna Trio Pan


There’s finally a pan made for the indecisive ones. Chicago Metallic, a company known for its convenient bakeware, has created a Lasagna Trio Pan that lets you make three recipes all at once. No more deciding between meat or veggie lasagna. You can make ’em both.

This 13-by-9-inch pan is made of aluminized steel material perfect for baking lasagna all the way through. It’s also a non-stick pan, so you won’t have to worry about your lasagna, or anything else you want, getting stuck to the bottom.

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You’ll get all of the crispy edges going on with this trio pan. It’s also an easy way to accommodate dinner guests who might have some dietary restrictions. You won’t have to hear any complaints from your vegan friends that there was a little meat touching the pasta. Dinner parties just became way easier.