Photographers Love This Gorgeously Gloomy Italian Lake, And You Will Too

Wikimedia Commons

Chances are you’ve seen this peaceful Italian Lake making a splash on your Instagram feed. It’s Lago di Braies, an alpine lake tucked away in the Dolomite Mountains. And it’s stunning.

Lago di Braies sits in the far northeastern corner of Italy, nearly to the border with Austria. It’s actually the largest natural lake in all of the Dolomites — its crystal clear waters seem to go on infinitely.

Whether you want true paddling time or just the fabulous photo op, the wooden boats can be rented. You can also bring your own canoe, kayak or paddleboard, but the experience may not be quite as Instagrammable.

Are you sold on Lago di Braies? Does it perfectly suit your Insta aesthetic? You can reach the lake by driving from Innsbruck, Switzerland, Venice, Italy, or even Munich, Germany. The lake parking lot costs less than $10.

Get ready for some truly magical pics in a truly awe-striking locale.