You’ve Never Heard Of Kotor, Montenegro, But You Need To Visit ASAP


I’m here to spread the word: Kotor, Montenegro is perfect.

Small but mighty Montenegro is home to the absolutely stunning Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO-protected natural wonder, dotted with medieval towns after your heart.

The city on the Bay is a couple hours south of the Montenegrin border, sandwiched between more famous Balkan destinations like Croatia and Greece.

The pace of life is beautiful. There’s no rushing, but everything happens in comfortable time. A local proudly told me Montenegrins are all about living a “happy, lazy life.” While your visit might not be lazy – there just is so much to see in Kotor – I pretty much promise happiness. There’s so much to love.

Old Town Charm

Kotor’s Old Town is smaller than Croatia’s more famous Stari Grads (“Old Town” in most Balkan languages). But the smaller scope means you can really get to know every tiny alleyway and recognize each charming square. Street musicians seem to play on every corner, meaning your evening stroll has a Montenegrin soundtrack.

Hiking The Hills

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There are 1355 steps to the top of the Venetian fortress overlooking the city. It’s an aggressive climb and just when you think you’re nearing the top, you have the steepest bit yet to go. But even if you attempt the hike at the hottest time of the day, it’s worth it.

There are other trails further up the mountain, passing through fortress windows and by quaint goat farms, but they have even less shade. Pack a lot of water and enjoy every second.

The Prices

Самый чудесный город Черногории.

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Due to some financial finagling, Montenegro uses the Euro. But Kotor doesn’t have the price points of European Union countries like Germany and France. Even if you go to a restaurant where the menu is in English (a sure sign of a rip-off anywhere else in Europe), you can still order a seafood pasta dinner and wine for less than $15.

Balkan Flavors

Встаёшь в 5 утра,3 часа по горному серпантину к которому ты уже настолько привыкла,что МКАД у тебя вызывает больше опасений,чем километровые обрывы скал.. и скачешь от восторга со словами: "ирааааа,смотри как красиво!" И так каждые 3 метра😅 Не только Котор, вся Черногория вызывает такой восторг! И неважно,что ты спала 4 часа,а ноги затекли будто на них положили тонну камней..ты сидишь и не можешь оторваться от окна, ибо это что-то невероятное #черногория

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Montenegro is directly across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, meaning you get some of that same Mediterranean feel, with a splash of Greek and Russian traditions. You’ll find amazing prosciutto, delicious seafood risotto and fresh fish. No matter what you eat, you can expect to linger over your meal and sip wine until well into the night.

Cats Rule

Cat people, you’re gonna love Kotor. Cats are a symbol of good luck in the region, so kitties are always welcome. Cute, friendly felines roam the town and are more than happy to hang out with you in a charming square – in return for your undivided attention.

There’s also a Cats of Kotor museum and souvenir shops selling cat mementos, in case you want to bring home a reminder of your favorite kitten.

Mind-blowing Views

The Bay of Kotor is the southernmost fjord in Europe. The landscape is not unlike that of Norway, with sweeping valleys and bright bays reflecting blue skies. But unlike the Nordic fjords, you’ll enjoy hot summers and mild winters. Honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful countrysides I’ve ever seen.

If You Go…

Airbnb’s run around $50 a night for an accommodation in the heart of the city. If you want to rough it, you can’t get better budget stay than in the castle-like Old Town Hostel. It’s a classic backpacker joint in ways, but also boasts a 300-year-old courtyard and cavelike private rooms. Staff will happily share plates of home-cooked Montenegrin dinners and eagerly offer you sips of rakija, the local specialty brandy.

Considering the soaring popularity of the Balkans, Kotor probably won’t stay under the radar [and cheap] for long. So, like, only bring your cool friends, okay? Don’t blow up my favorite spot.