This Entire Indonesian Village Is Literally A Rainbow


If you’re one to chase the rainbow, you have to go to Kampung Pelangi, an Indonesian village that is painted rainbow from top to bottom. It may be one of the prettiest towns in the world.

Business Insider reports that in May, the village underwent a serious makeover, which included painting every building neon. The local council committee spent about 300 Indonesian Rupiah, or $22,561, in the revamp.

The renovation was meant to drive more tourism to the area, and judging from how many Instagram posts the village is tagged in, we’d say it’s working.

Each house and building boasts a minimum of three different colors, and residents, as well as a construction crew, participated in making their village beautiful.

If you ask us, the idea is pure genius. Kampung Pelangi has taken “painting the town red” to an entirely new level, and we’re loving it.