Daily Fit 5/24/19: Jumpstart Your Metabolism

jumpstart your metabolism

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Health Tip Of The Day: Drink A Glass Of Water Upon Waking (And On An Empty Stomach) To Improve Your Metabolism And Boost Your Digestive System

What Science Says: It’s no secret that the majority of your body is made up of water. With our blood composed of 90 percent water, keeping hydrated is essential for maintaining the appropriate levels of water in our bodies. Hydration is crucial for your insides, from proper kidney function to transport of oxygen and body temperature regulation. When you wake up in the morning, you’re likely parched because you haven’t consumed water for seven to eight hours while sleeping. Replenish your body’s hydration supply STAT by sipping on some water. Other than warding off dehydration, drinking a glass of water upon waking at least 30 minutes before your first meal can help rid your body of toxins, prevent heartburn and aid any indigestion, among other health benefits. Not to mention it’s also a serious boost to your metabolism — drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate by 24 percent or more.

How To Do It: Keep a glass of water on your bedside table so you can hydrate when you wake up in the a.m. — make sure to do this before drinking any caffeine. If you’re not accustomed to sipping first thing in the morning, start out slow by drinking one glass of water before breakfast and another before brushing your teeth. For best results, gradually work your way up to drinking four cups of water before your first meal. [Lifehack]

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“Water is Life. Don’t Waste It.”

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