5 Secrets For (Happy) Traveling As An Introvert


Introverts, it’s time to step up your travel game. Tailor your dream vacation, ultimate introvert-style. Don’t let those bubbly extroverts dictate your vacation narrative – you do you. Try these introvert-approved travel tips for your best trip yet.

1. Don’t Overschedule Yourself

Introverts, you know you don’t want to schedule yourself down to the minute. It’s tempting to pack in an activity for every second of the day to maximize what you’ll see, but this is a surefire way to wear yourself out. Give yourself time to soak in your experiences and to breathe.

2. Brush Off Any Guilt Trips

Whether you’re traveling with a rowdy group of wholehearted extroverts or some milder ambiverts, they probably won’t understand your needs as an introvert. They may have the best of intentions. They just want you to be included. But you know yourself best. If your travel companions try to guilt you into going out when you feel totally drained, you can say no. You’ll have a happier vacation if you are picky about which outings get your best social efforts.

3. Ignore Other People’s Expectations

Some travelers might think your vacation should look a certain way or be a checklist of specific activities, but honestly, forget them. If you’d rather browse precariously stacked books in a second-hand bookstore in Prague than sample Czech beers with a big crowd, do it. Don’t let other people dictate how you spend your time.

4. Take Time For Self Care

If you want another hour alone at the museum, an extra espresso mid-morning or one more glass of prosecco at dinner, treat yourself. It’s okay to spend a little extra to make yourself feel good. Mix self-care into your vacation itinerary and you’ll have much more energy for slightly exhausting social scenarios.

5. Pack Earplugs

Sometimes, no matter how well you emotionally prepare, you’ll be sharing a hotel/Airbnb/hostel room with a snorer. If you find yourself sleeping next to the human equivalent of a snoozing thunderstorm, have earplugs or noise canceling headphones on hand. There’s no reason not to save yourself the frustration.