These Party Destinations Have Scary Harsh Drug Laws


We’re not saying you need to stay completely sober in these destinations around the world, but you might want to stick to cocktails – the drug laws in these cities are scary. Here’s what you need to know about marijuana possession in these five party hot spots.

1. Mykonos, Greece

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The Greek island is notorious for fabulous boat parties, but law enforcement is not 420-friendly.

Worst case scenario for possession: 5 months in prison.

2. Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, marijuana gets the same legal consequences as heroin under the law. If you’re headed to Sziget Music Festival, know the risks of your partying decisions.

Worst case scenario for possession: 8 years in prison.

3. Singapore, Singapore

Those caught with large amounts of drugs in Singapore (for example, more than a half ounce of cannabis) are automatically labeled and charged as drug dealers. But even having small amounts can come with harsh punishments.

Worst case scenario for possession: 10 years in prison.

4. Bali, Indonesia

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Drug laws in beautiful Bali are intense. Convicted dealers can receive the death penalty, and even possessing small amounts will lead to prosecution.

Worst case scenario for possession: 12 years in prison and up to $900,000 in fines.

5. Boracay, Philippines

Locals in the Philipines have experienced a terrifyingly war on drugs, where those suspected of selling drugs are sentenced to death.

Worst case scenario for possession: Life imprisonment.