Here’s Where To Find That Sunset Swing You Always See On Instagram

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If you follow anyone on Instagram who has recently been to Bali, Lombok or anywhere in Indonesia, chances are they’ve posted about this swing. There’s likely a sunset in the background and a sense of inner peace radiating from the photo. (Or is that just our own personal association with Bali? Unclear.) Wondering where to find this serene place IRL? We’ve got the scoop.

So you already know all about Bali. Who doesn’t dream of visiting the island at this point? But right next door to Bali, you’ll find Lombok. It’s a little calmer than its ubiquitously famous neighbor. There are three baby islands off the northwest coast of Lombok; the furthest out is Gili Trawangan. That’s where you’ll find The Swing.

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The actual swing is part of The Exile, a B&B on the western side of the island. Rooms at The Exile are temptingly affordable. A bungalow for two (with air conditioning!) is $45 a night. There’s a coffee shop and beach bar onsite, too.

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The best swimming spot isn’t actually right where the swing is. But you can walk to amazing swimming and snorkeling locations across the island in less than a half hour. However, the swing is where you want to watch the most perfect sunset that a traveler could dream of. Good luck actually lounging on it though. The line for photos can get long.

In order to get to The Exile’s internet-famous swing, you have to make your way to the island. Lombok has an airport, but you can also fly into Bali and take a boat to Gili Trawangan. Charmingly, the little island has a 24/7 horse-pulled cart that takes travelers around the island.

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So, are you ready to go? We think we could use some sun. And of course a new pic for our Insta feed.

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