6 Instagram Influencers Who Will Inspire You To Kick Ass In Your Career Every Day

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Some days we feel very inspired at work, we’re on a roll and nobody can stop us. But other times the daily grind starts to weigh on us and we just can’t seem to get into the work groove. If you’ve been feeling particularly unmotivated lately, we recommend that you check out these Instagram influencers for some killer career inspo that’s guaranteed to get you up and running again.

1. Yasmine Arrington (@yazziespeaks_since2011) — founder and Executive Director of “ScholarCHIPS”

As a junior in college, Yasmine founded ScholarChips, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and mentoring to youth with incarcerated parents, helping them pursue their college degrees. This inspirational woman is also a motivational speaker, a plus-size model and an aspiring radio personality —based on the quotes on her Insta feed, we could listen to her talk all day long!

2. Heather Monahan (@heathermonahan) — CEO and founder of “Boss In Heels”

Heather Monahan is an Amazon best-selling author, a champion for women in leadership roles and a motivational speaker at the Harry Walker Agency. She’s also the CEO and Founder of Boss In Heels — a community and lifestyle brand committed to elevating and guiding women in the workplace. Heather believes that “once you have confidence, you can have whatever you want.” With her newly-released book “Confidence Creator,” Heather strives to give readers the tools they need to build more confidence, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Follow her on Instagram to see pictures of her killer wardrobe and for daily inspirational quotes that will inspire you to move forward in your career regardless of what (or who) is standing in your way.

3. Stacy Tuschl (@stacytuschl) — Successful entrepreneur and founder of “She’s Building Her Empire”

This Insta influencer launched her now successful performing arts business from her parents’ backyard when she was just eighteen years old. Stacy’s business now has multiple brick and mortar locations and allows her to earn an annual income of seven-figures. Stacy is the creator of “She’s Building Her Empire” — a podcast and community meant to coach and inspire aspiring women entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. She’s also a mom of two adorable little girls that are regularly featured on her Insta feed. If you too want to one day run your own business, we highly recommend that you follow Stacy’s Insta for some actionable tips and inspo.

4. Ashlee Marie Preston (@ashleemariepreston) — writer, producer and civil rights activist

Ashlee is the host and Executive Producer of a podcast titled Shook with Ashlee Marie Preston that examines news, politics, entertainment and pop culture through a social justice lens. Ashlee was a candidate for California State Assembly District 54 in 2018, and made history as the first openly trans person to run for California State Legislature. She also appeared on The Root‘s “Most Influential African Americans of 2017” list. Needless to say, she’s a powerhouse and she’ll inspire you to work towards your goals every single day.

5. Leah Gervais (@urban20something) — Side-hustler and founder of  Urban20Something

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Marketing magic 💫. ⠀ One of the best things I did for my business was focus on Facebook Ads for a time period. Before I did, I was honestly ANTI-marketing. ⠀ I thought ads meant⠀ ⠀👎I wasn’t able to get organic traffic (lie)⠀ ⠀👎I was going to spend money I didn’t have (also lie)⠀ ⠀👎I wasn’t ready to have “official” ads (another lie!)⠀ ⠀ When I got over that, I realized that there was so much I was unlocking by holding myself back from ads. In a few months, after really focusing on ads, I was growing my email list by 1,000 per month (!!), and from there, my income exceeded my 9-5 job, then I was able to leave my job… you guys know the story! ⠀ Since then, I’ve made Facebook Ads a staple in all of my programs and push my clients to make a bigger impact by using the power of advertising. ⠀ I learned Facebook Ads the way I know them now from @EmilyHirsh, @TaraZirker, and @thestrategiste and will feel forever indebted to their wisdom. ⠀ So, you can imagine how excited I was to chat with Emily on this week’s episode of the @YourBiggestVisionShow! ⠀ Emily built a million-dollar business by the age of 24. On top of that, she’s a mother of two and manages 30 members of her staff. Talk about a full plate! ⠀ In building her business to 3+ million in revenue, Emilly quickly grew a team of the best. In just four years, she has gained the titles of a virtual assistant, entrepreneur, mother, CEO, and manager of 30+ employees. ⠀ Tune into this episode to hear: ⠀ 📈 Emily’s juiciest and most actionable tips on leveraging Facebook Ads to scale your business.
⠀ 🤹‍♀️ How Emily has grown from self-employed to a leader of 30.
⠀ 👩‍👧‍👧 How to manage entrepreneurship and a drive with motherhood.

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While working full-time at a non-profit, Leah still finds time to run Urban20Something.com, a successful website and community that offers guides and courses to young professionals looking to make a living off of their side hustles. When Leah realized in her early twenties that a career in law wasn’t for her, she gathered her strength and quit her law firm job to travel, volunteer and learn how to make money as a freelancer on the go in Southeast Asia. If you’re someone who’s looking to travel but you’re not quite sure how to go about earning a good income while on the road, we suggest that you follow Leah ASAP.

6. Jena Viviano (@jena_viviano) — Career Coach

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You won’t find many people who’ve gone through the number of career changes that Jena has — she’s gone from working as an investment banker on Wall Street to reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange to working at growing startup The Muse and finally to launching her own career counseling business full-time. Through personal and group career counseling sessions, Jena has helped over 800 professionals figure out what they want from their careers and subsequently land their dream jobs. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career but you’re unsure what that step should be, we think that following Jena could give you some inspiration.

7. Lexi Herrick (@lexi_herrick) — Blogger and founder of women’s lifestyle website “Her Track”

Lexi is a true badass. In addition to working a nine to five as an SEO Manager at SourceMedia, a website that provides information to senior-level professionals in the financial, technology and healthcare sectors, she also manages a side hustle as Editor-In-Chief and founder of HerTrack.com. Lexi started “Her Track” — a lifestyle blog catered toward young women — from scratch when she was in her teens. She now manages a group of over 70 young contributing writers and marketers. Anyone who aspires to be a writer one day or who wants to manage their own media platform should consider following Lexi. Bonus: Her travel pictures are breathtaking!

8. Sophia Amoruso (@sophiaamoruso) — CEO and founder of Girlboss and founder of “Nasty Gal”

Sophia knows a thing or two about hard work. At age 22 she started an online eBay store selling vintage clothing. By 2012, this small store had turned into a highly-successful women’s fashion retailer that was named one of “the fastest growing companies” by Inc. Magazine that year. In 2016 she was named one of the richest self-made women in the world by Forbes. Although Sophia stepped down as Nasty Gal’s CEO in 2015 and the retailer was acquired by another company shortly after, the entrepreneur didn’t lose her spirit. In 2017 she founded Girlboss Media — a website and community that aims to guide women in the workplace. Sophia inspires women daily on Instagram and reminds us that no failure in our careers or our lives is absolute, we can always bounce back!


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