Your Kitchen Could Cook By Itself In The Near Future


Imagine if your kitchen could cook by itself. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Well, this scenario might become a reality in the not-too-distant future, thanks to Innit, a food technology company that’s building the world’s first Connected Food Platform for the kitchen. You’ll be able to say things like, “Google, ask Innit to start cooking.” You won’t even need to touch your phone. Innit will work with Google Assistant to make some amazing hands-free cooking happen.

Why is this so cool, you ask? Well, you’ll eliminate cooking mistakes, improve your cooking skills through instructional videos and be able to control your appliances with your own voice.

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Innit COO Joshua Sigel told Swirled, “We’re not just talking about preheating your oven from a car. It’s about enabling the capabilities to control an appliance in a way where you can send a list of instructions that have all been calculated based on the food itself.” We’re moving far beyond turning things on remotely and moving towards telling our appliances exactly how to do the work for us.

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence has partnered with the food technology company as the chief content and innovation officer to help home cooks enjoy a more seamless experience in the kitchen. Florence is quoted having said, “Recipes are dead.” And by dead, he means that your standard recipe just doesn’t cut it for everyone anymore, which is why discovering a way to customize recipes through technology will help to empower home cooks of all levels.

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This technology platform helps you to make the most out of the appliances you already have as opposed to following a recipe that doesn’t take into account things like the strength of your stove or the available functions of your particular appliances.

Innit uses a concept called “adaptive cooking,” which basically sensors your appliances so it will be able to adapt to your individual cooking process. For example, if you open the oven door while you’re roasting a chicken, you’ll lose a lot of moisture and heat, so your appliances will be able to account for factors like that.

The food technology startup also uses the term “connected appliances.” This describes how it plans to use WiFi to send instructions to different appliances in your kitchen through a mobile app. Yes, we’re talking about transforming your cooking space into a smart kitchen.

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WiFi-connected appliances, which will eventually be accessible to everyone, are on the horizon. In a way, this kitchen technology will be saving you money by letting you use your appliances to their full potential. Innit will know more than you do about the full range of your appliances.

The Innit app, available in the App Store, is a cooking guidance system. It lets you plan, shop, prepare and cook your meals right from your phone. The app can make personalized meal recommendations for you based on your diet, allergies and personal preferences, while you get to experiment with new flavors and ingredients.

You’ll also find how-to videos and real-time help in the kitchen as you make each customization to a recipe.

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Thanks to technology like Innit, the future of cooking is looking a lot easier to navigate… and just in time, because we’re so over leaving that slow cooker on all day while we’re at the office.