6 Healthy Snacks That Still Feel Indulgent

indulgent healthy snacks

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Cleaning up your eating can feel mighty depressing when it means giving up all of the bold, vibrant flavors you love most… so pick another diet path instead. We support plans that incorporate the things we love most in nutritious ways so feelings of deprivation never get the best of us and wreck our progress. Below are six of our favorite snacks that are both good for your body and exciting for your taste buds.

1. Skinny Bruschetta

indulgent healthy snacks

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Give your favorite Italian appetizer a health upgrade and enjoy it whenever you’re craving the classic comfort food. Just trade your baguette for whole wheat toast and brush it with olive oil, add a spoonful of Greek yogurt, toss on some freshly diced tomatoes and season with freshly chopped garlic and basil. And, if the mood strikes, go ahead and drizzle on a little bit of balsamic vinegar.

2. Almond Date Truffles

indulgent healthy snacks


These sweet little treats are basically a prettier version of a Larabar and are packed with plant-based energy. Dates are high in polyphenols, which prevent inflammation in the body. They’re also packed with potassium, one of the most important electrolytes you need. And almonds contain a solid amount of fiber, magnesium and riboflavin.

3. Herbed Goat Cheese With Fresh Cut Veggies

indulgent healthy snacks


When it comes to indulgent cheese options, goat cheese is one of the creamiest, full-bodied spreads you can imagine. Plus, it’s full of appetite-satiating protein and it’s gentle on your digestive system. Pair this savory treat with freshly cut carrots, celery, bell peppers and cucumbers, and your taste buds will feel beyond satisfied.

4. Dark Chocolate-Covered Cashews

indulgent healthy snacks

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Cashews have a slightly sweet flavor and a soft and creamy texture that pairs perfectly with decadent dark chocolate. Plus, the nuts are full of heart-healthy oleic acid, plus bone-supporting magnesium and copper, while chocolate that’s at least 70 percent cacao is loaded with iron, manganese and antioxidants.

5. Fresh Guacamole With Baked Tortilla Chips

indulgent healthy snacks

Unsplash/Alison Marras

No one should ever feel guilty when diving into an avocado-based dip, thanks to all of its healthy, monounsaturated fats and digestion-promoting fiber. And when you bake your own chips by cutting up whole wheat tortillas, you skip over unwanted oils and add hearty, complex carbohydrates to the mix.

6. Banana Nut Butter Sandwiches

indulgent healthy snacks

Unsplash/Eiliv Sonas Aceron

If you love chunky monkey ice cream, then this is your healthy substitute with on-point flavor. We like to add cocoa powder (all those flavonoids!) to our favorite nut butter that’s full of healthy fats and sandwich the indulgent blend in between two potassium-rich banana slices before popping the bites into the freezer for a couple of hours. No one will accuse you of eating a “diet dessert” with these babies.

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