Daily Fit 06/14/2019: Improve Your 3D Movement

Improve your 3D movement


Workout Tip Of The Day: Improve your three-dimensional movement in everyday life by training in all three planes of motion.

Why It’s Important

In everyday life, whether we’re loading groceries into the car or loading weights onto the squat rack, we naturally move in one of three planes of motion. They include the sagittal plane (forward and backward movement), the frontal plane (side-to-side movement) and the transverse plane (twisting movement). When working out, we all too often only focus on traditional exercises that are typically performed in the sagittal plane of motion — like forward lunges, squats and jogging — but we fail to train our bodies to move in the frontal and transverse planes, which are just as important. Neglecting a movement pattern can cause overcompensation in other areas, chronic pain and overall instability over time. If you’re only doing exercises in the sagittal plane you may find it harder over time to perform everyday tasks that require a three-dimensional range of motion. Incorporating more 3D exercises into your gym sessions will help strengthen and stabilize injury-prone joints like the ankles, hips, spine and shoulders and help you move more fluidly.

How To Train In 3D

Keep classic sagittal plane exercises like back squats and front lunges in your workout routine, but incorporate more side-to-side (frontal plane) and rotation (transverse plane) movements into your exercise regimen as well. They may feel foreign, but doing these moves on a regular basis will help you grow more accustomed to them. Good frontal plane exercises include side shuffles, lateral arm or leg raises and lateral lunges. Transverse plane moves include woodchoppers, medicine ball rotational throws and Russian twists. Try 3D lunges to work in all three planes of motion with one exercise. Bonus: They makes for a killer leg workout! [NASM]

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