This Innovative Dessert Bar Lets You Design Your Own Futuristic Sundae

Idessert San Diego


There’s a San Diego dessert shop where you can customize your own frozen desserts with the swipe of a screen. iDessert — a concept from Las Vegas pastry chef Jean-Phillippe Maury — is a futuristic Little Italy dessert shop that specializes in multilayered customizable desserts. You’ll get to choose your favorite crust, gelato, cream and any additional toppings. You can choose dry ice if you want your dessert to look like a smoking magical potion.

There’s an iPad ordering system, so you’ll get to take a leading role in every aspect of your dessert creation. You’ll pick a sponge cake, fruity toppings, meringue crusts, gelato and a syringe full of fruity sauce.

Once you’re done customizing, your dessert will be in the works. If you want the full experience, one of these desserts will run you around $9 or $10.

After you take all of your photos and get over how cool this dessert is, you should pour out all of the sauce from the syringe and go to town. Use the special spoon they give you to crack open the meringue shell and dig into the gelato. Pat yourself on the back for creating this masterpiece.

If you don’t want to create your own, there’s a whole menu of pre-designed futuristic creations to choose from. You can also choose from a menu of crêpes and milkshakes.

Inside of iDessert, you’ll see an entire colorful wall made of meringue-like confections. It’s an experience that you’ll want to carve out a little bit of time for.

Take it all in. This place is what dessert dreams are made of.


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