Here’s What To Do With Your Engagement Or Wedding Rings While Traveling

how to travel with engagement ring


Whether your partner just put a ring on it or you already feel like an old married couple, you probably have anxiety about losing your engagement ring or wedding band. Those things are scary expensive. So what do you do with those precious pieces of jewelry while you’re traveling? To be honest, it depends on where you’re going. Here’s our take.

If you’re going to a big city…

Going to Paris? Rio de Janeiro? Seoul? You can bring your ring. Cosmopolitan destinations are perfect for showing off a little bit of bling, but just like at home, don’t go wandering down dark alleys, screaming, “Weeee, look at my diamond!”

If you’re going to the beach…

Honestly, sand is a ring’s worst nightmare. Add salt water and waves to the situation, and that little metal symbol of your love is in danger. If you’re heading to an island or coastal locale, we suggest wearing some fake rings as placeholders and leaving the real deal at home. You and your sweetie can go to Forever 21 or Target and pick out some cheap jewelry. You can even make it a cute thing. You pick out bae’s fake and bae picks out yours.

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If you’re going into nature…

So if you’re going hiking, the fake ring option works. But if you’re going deep into the backcountry, you might not even want anything on your fingers. Think of the dirt and grime and bumps and scratches your hands go through on the side of a mountain. Do you really want to put your wedding ring through all of that? If the answer is yes, then maybe wear the band, but leave any solitaires at home.

If you’re going off the beaten path…

It’s best to skip the jewels when you’re going to less-traveled places. While it’s likely no one will care what’s on your hands, tourists can be targeted by pickpockets even in the most popular tourist destinations. And if you’ve got a huge rock on your finger, that’s an even bigger target on your back. Leave the flashy stuff at home just for peace of mind. Stick to wedding bands or bring a fake as a great alternative.


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