How To Make Expert Cocktails Without A Cocktail Set


So you’re having your friends over for drinks and suddenly realize…you don’t have a cocktail set. What are the options besides going full college party mode and mixing your vodka with sprite and juice? We have news for you: you don’t need an official shaker and muddler to make a kickass drink. Here are some common kitchen alternatives that will help you look like bartender of the year:

1. Alternative Citrus Juicer: A Fork


Roll the lemon, lime or another citrus fruit to release the juices, then cut it in half crosswise. Stick a fork in the center of each half and move the fork up and down to extract the juice.

2. Alternative Shot Glass: Measuring Spoons

Flickr/Julie Magro

The average American shot is 1.5 fluid ounces. Get out your measuring spoons as an alternative way to effectively pour out a shot. 1.5 fluid ounces equals 3 Tablespoons, or 9 teaspoons. Voilà.

3. Alternative Strainer: Two Glasses

Chowhound / Youtube

Pour your cocktail into a glass. Set the second class in the one with the cocktail mix and tilt, pouring the liquid into your cocktail glass. That second glass will catch all the stuff you don’t want in your drink.

4. Alternative Muddler: A Wooden Spoon


Add the ingredients you want to muddle into a glass. With the end of a wooden spoon, press, pulverize or totally purée to your heart’s content.

5. Alternative Shaker: A Bunch Of Kitchen Items You Definitely Have


Shaking is the easiest part. You just need a vessel and a lid, so a lot of things work here: a mason jar, a water bottle, a protein shaker, even a milk carton. Whatever you have on hand will mix that drink just as well as any fancy shaker, guaranteed.