5 Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Cash Without Leaving Your Home


Got a tight budget recently? Join the club. Instead of looking for a part-time gig, though, you can look into making some extra money from home. We know — that sentence sounds absolutely impossible. But these five at-home activities could actually score you more money than you think.

1. Use an easy investing app.

Do the words “investing app” scare you? We get it — investing can seem intimidating, and only for older, more experienced people. That’s not entirely true though, especially now that apps like Stash exist. For just a $1-monthly fee, Stash allows you to invest as little as $5, and you can choose from a curated list of investment opportunities without having to consider any complicated terms.

2. Sell your opinion to brands.

Yep, you can get paid to take surveys and give your opinion to companies. You can sign up on websites like Point Club and VIP Voice to take as many surveys as your heart desires. Both websites will pay, on average, $1-2 per survey, but if you think about it, a survey could take 10 minutes or less. That could easily score you $100 per month if you’re consistent.

3. Make money back on your online purchases.

You’re going to online shop anyway, right? Keep doing what you’re doing, but instead of deleting old receipts in your emails, keep the clutter. Paribus, an online tool, helps you get money back from online purchases by scanning your email receipts, then issuing you a refund every time the item you purchased drops in dollar cost. So if you bought an Old Navy sweater for $12, and that same sweater’s price dropped to $9, you’d receive a $3 refund. Pretty incredible, huh?

4. Download apps that will pay you just to keep them downloaded.

The opportunities just get better and better, right? Apps like Nielsen Panel and Savvy Connect will pay you just to keep their software downloaded on your computer. Both companies collect data on your online behavior, but promise no changes to your browser or computer. You can just keep surfing the internet as usual. The only change is that Nielsen Panel will pay you $50 for every year you keep its software downloaded while Savvy Connect will pay you $5 per month.

5. Get money from your Amazon purchases, specifically.

Damn, we love Amazon for so many reasons. This last opportunity is just another reason why we’ll keep coming back to the online megastore. If you shop at Amazon regularly, you can download Shoptracker on your computer, and the plugin will send you a $3 Visa gift card for downloading it, as well as $3 for every month that you continue to shop at Amazon.