Here’s How You Can Keep Your Bananas From Ripening Too Quickly


It usually seems like a great idea to buy a bunch of bananas for the week, but life happens and before you know it they all turn brown on you. The peel of a banana turns brown when the yellow pigment is broken down and it won’t come back.

The first rule when you’re buying bananas is to look for a bunch that’s green at the end and yellow in the middle. Here’s how to prevent your bananas from ripening too quickly.

You should store them at room temperature until they’re ripe. Exposing them to the fridge too quickly actually makes them turn brown faster. If you have extra plastic wrap lying around the kitchen, you can use it to seal up the banana stems. Wrap each stem with a little plastic wrap to limit the amount of oxygen that they get. You could potentially extend your banana’s life for another week or so.

If possible, keep your bananas away from other fruits and vegetables. The ethylene gas that’s naturally omitted from plants causes them to ripen faster. Let your bananas hang out alone, don’t seal them in a plastic bag and keep them at room temperature until they’re ready to eat. Keep that potassium fresh!