5 Hacks For Keeping Your Avocados Perfectly Ripe


Avocados are perfect. Buying an avocado is kind of like window shopping at a bougie department store. You stare longingly at the avocados, thinking about all the possibilities, but then you tell yourself you can’t have nice things. You’ll typically get two avocados for $4 or $5 at most grocery stores. This might seem like an aggressive price when you’re buying a hundred other things for the week. Plus, it’s like avocados go straight from green and rock hard to brown and unusable.

It almost seems unattainable to get that perfect creamy, smooth, bright green interior that sushi restaurants seem to nail every time. Next time you invest in a couple of avocados, try these simple tricks to make sure the magical fruit is at the perfect ripeness and doesn’t go brown when you’re ready to chow down.

1. Chopped Onions


The reason avocados turn brown is because of an enzyme in their flesh that oxidizes when it’s exposed to air. Usually, the protected surface underneath the pit stays green and the top will turn brown. Take a sealable container and line the bottom with chopped red onion. Place the avocado with the cut side up, place the lid on top and keep it in the fridge. This method will help to keep it fresh for a couple of days. The sulfur released from the onions (the reason you cry) also acts like a preservative.

2. Water Bath

A lot of chefs swear by this method. Submerge your cut avocado in water to keep it from browning. This eliminates any kind of contact with the air, but not too long or the avocado might turn slimy. Cover the container of water with plastic wrap and your avocado should hold up after 48 hours.

3. Olive Oil Method

Some people believe in brushing the avocado with lemon juice, but the olive oil method seems to work slightly better. Brush half of the avocado with olive oil and cover with plastic wrap. The olive oil contains acids that help to combat oxidation. There might be some browning around the edges, but most of the interior should stay green.

4. Freezing


If you find an amazing deal on avocados that you can’t pass up, buy them and freeze them. Wash the avocado, cut it in half and peel it. You can keep them intact and put the halves straight into a Ziploc bag to freeze. You can also mash it, add a little lemon juice and put that right into a freezer bag. Don’t expect the avocado to be the same exact creamy texture once it thaws out, but you’ll still be able to use it for things like guac and salad dressings.

5. Brown Paper Bag Method

On the rare occasion that you pick up an avocado and it’s ready to eat, amazing. Good for you. For all the other times when the thing is hard as a rock and you NEED to use it fairly quickly, try the brown paper bag method. Fill the paper bag with enough all-purpose flour so that you have a couple of inches at the bottom. Place the avocado inside, close up the opening to the bag and let it sit for about two days in a dry location. With just a tiny bit of patience you’ll have a perfect avocado in no time.