5 Nutritional Ways To Bounce Back From Your Halloween Candy Binge

how to detox from candy

Wild Zora

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Halloween is the best time of year for candy lovers, but those candy comas can take a serious toll on your body. It’s estimated that the average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy over the course of the spooky holiday. So once you power through your candy stash and you’re ready to detox from all of that sugar, focus on stocking up on antioxidants by eating nutrient-dense foods like jerky made from grass-fed meats, and organic fruits and veggies.

Family-owned companies that care about health like Wild Zora make meat and vegetable bars that give you the nutrients you need in the form of delicious snacks. And lucky for Swirled readers, Wild Zora is offering these nutrient-dense, savory bars for 25 percent off with the code SWIRLED25. We promise eating these snacks is just as easy as eating a chocolate bar with one hand. So stock up and try these easy steps for bouncing back from your Halloween candy binge in a nutritional way.

1. Prioritize a healthy breakfast.

Eating a good breakfast is essential for providing your body with energy for the day, as well as loading you up with the nutrients you need so you don’t crave sugary or fatty foods in the middle of the morning and later on in the day. Be sure to get protein in there from eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts or legumes.

2. Choose nutrient-dense snacks.

how to detox from candy

Wild Zora

There are a ton of nutrient-dense snacks that you can whip up at home (from antioxidant-packed yogurt bowls or apple slices with cashew butter), but for a snack that’ll hit you with protein, veggies and fruit all in one bite, reach for jerky made with simple, real food ingredients, like grass-fed meats.

Wild Zora’s meat and veggie bars come in all kinds of bold flavors like Taco Pork with cilantro and jalapeño, Curry Turkey with dates and cardamom, Mediterranean Lamb with rosemary and turmeric and Apple Pork with rosemary, sage and thyme. The bars don’t contain gluten, soy or nuts, and they’re made with simple, whole ingredients, so chances are you’ll find a meat and veggie bar that you like no matter what kind of dietary restrictions you have (unless you don’t eat meat at all). Bonus: The bars are great to take on the go or toss in your bag when you’re in a rush.

Wild Zora bars can be found in select grocery stores across the U.S. and can be purchased even easier online at wildzora.com.

3. Cut out the refined carbohydrates.

When you’re coming down from a sugar binge, try to cut or limit refined carbs from your diet. We’re not talking about the complex carbohydrates contained in plant-based picks like vegetables, fruits, legumes, potatoes and whole grains, which also have fiber to help with your digestion. We’re talking about the refined carbs are stripped of fiber and lack essential nutrients like sugary drinks, fruit juices, white pastas, white breads and white rice. Refined carbs can send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride, which can perpetuate your sugar indulgence.

4. Load up on vitamin C.

how to detox from candy


Give your immune system a hefty boost after a candy binge by loading up on vitamin C, which can be found in solid quantities in Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. To retain the nutrients in these vegetables that your body needs, cook them with a minimal amount of water and for a short period of time. Steaming is your best bet. Bonus points for drinking a glass of lemon water as you eat them!

5. Stay hydrated.

Speaking of water, staying properly hydrated might seem obvious, but kick it up a notch when you’re coming down from all of those Halloween sweets. To do so, incorporate coconut water into your routine. Coconut water is low-calorie, fat-and-cholesterol-free and rich in potassium and electrolytes. Your body gets dehydrated easily when it works overtime to metabolize extra sugar, so downing water with added electrolytes will help you feel like your normal self faster than a standard glass of H2O.

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