Here’s Your Guide To Cooking With Mushrooms


When it comes to mushrooms, you can always guarantee they’ll add an unrivaled flavor to your recipe. Mushrooms are known for having an umami taste, which is considered the fifth taste sense next to sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Adding hearty meaty mushrooms to your dish can be an easy way to amp up the flavor and save money that you’d otherwise spend on protein. This is one vegetable (well really fungi) that you’re better off cooking. Mushrooms release more of their nutrients when they’re heated. Here’s a guide to picking the perfect mushroom for your dish.


how to cook with mushrooms

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Characteristics: Dense, meaty, nutty, golden color, fruity and peppery
Culinary Use: Sauteed in butter, pasta, steak, pickled or added to an omelet


how to cook with mushrooms

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Characteristics: Sponge-like in appearance, hollow, rubbery, brittle, savory, bold and chewy
Culinary Use: Fried, pasta, cream sauce, pizza, quiche and served with meats and other umami flavors


how to cook with mushrooms


Characteristics: Long stems, little caps, bean sprout-like appearance, mild and crunchy
Culinary Use: Asian cooking, salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta sauces or served raw


how to cook with mushrooms


Characteristics: Also known as baby bella, light cocoa color, firm, rich, earthy and meaty
Culinary Use: Sauteed, stuffed, pasta, mixed with veggies, risotto, roasted, wrapped in bacon or mixed with burrata and herbs for bruschetta


how to cook with mushrooms

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Characteristics: Large crimini mushrooms, savory, meaty and mild
Culinary Use: Meat substitute, grilled, stuffed, baked and in stir-frys


Characteristics: Slightly resembles an actual oyster with gills, fan-shaped, white to very light brown in color, delicate, tender and smells sweet like licorice
Culinary Use: Mushroom ragout, roasted with scallions, salads, stir-frys, noodle soups, fried or stewed

Hen Of The Woods

how to cook with mushrooms

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Characteristics: Also known as maitake, translates to “dancing mushrooms” in Japanese, delicate, flowery, packed with earthy and rich flavors and pale tan to dark brown in color
Culinary Use: Japanese cooking, lightly sauteed, garnish, pasta, eggs and risotto


how to cook with mushrooms


Characteristics: Tan to dark brown in color, tough, woody, earthy, savory and meaty
Culinary Use: Common in Asian cooking, meat dishes, soups, sauces, stir-frys, sauteed, seafood or pasta


how to cook with mushrooms


Characteristics: Most common in grocery stores, also known as white mushrooms, subtle, earthy, available year-round and varies in size
Culinary Use: Sauteed, stuffed, cream sauces, stir-frys, quiche, sauces or soups


how to cook with mushrooms

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Characteristics: Meaty, similar to portobello in texture, high in protein, nutty, creamy, light brown, slightly sticky and ranges from one inch to 10 inches in size
Culinary Use: Vegetarian dishes, pasta, soups, sauces, fried, risotto, bruschetta, pizza, topping for meat dishes, grilled or cooked with butter.