How To Get Drunk, Eliminate Hangovers And Stay Fit At The Same Time


Do you remember when you used to indulge in alcohol to your heart’s content at night and wake up the next morning feeling fresh and productive? Yeah, us neither. But that may be because we have yet to come across the sage wisdom of fitness trainer and author John Romaniello and his explanation of how to achieve this sweet spot.

In the YouTube video below, Romaniello shares a Venn diagram of the “Roman system for adequate inebriation,” revealing that the way you feel after a night out on the town comes down to a careful balance of food, water and alcohol intake (as well as the order in which you consume them).

Forget food? Be ready to be sloppy AF. Forget water? “BOOM. The world’s worst hangover.” Overdo both? You’re going to waste money on a bunch of shots to catch up with your friends.

Before the coveted weekend arrives, watch the short video to learn about how to set yourself up for all the fun and not “miss your stop on the gains train” the next day.

And remember, everyone: know your f*cking tolerance.