5 Ways To Make Your Holiday Break More Productive


Got some time off? Kick back, relax and…wait, be more productive? Yes, we’re pushing you to think beyond laying in bed for four days straight. Thankfully, we have a few tips on staying productive without sacrificing your time off. Here are five ways you can keep your mental energy on track through your downtime:

1. Listen to a new podcast.

If you’re a podcast person, turn off your usual go-to and search for something new. Better yet — find a podcast that will help you understand a topic you’ve always had an interest in or that can teach you a new skill.

2. Take a walk.

Flickr / David

It is the holiday season, after all, and taking a break from your normal workout routine may feel incredible at first. But trust us when we say that there’s nothing less appealing than coming back to that same schedule after two weeks of no exercise. Keep your body moving by simply taking a daily walk.

3. Write thank-you notes.

We bet you’ve got someone to thank for something, or you will in the future. Take this time to make a list of the people you’d like to correspond with, and draft a few emails while you’re at it. You’ll be thankful you took care of it ahead of time.

4. Schedule overdue appointments.

When’s the last time you went to the dentist? We know — it’s easy to keep putting off that cleaning you don’t want to sit through, and we can’t blame you. But what better time to take care of yourself than when you have nothing else to worry about? Schedule that physical, teeth cleaning and any other appointment you’ve been brushing aside.

5. Deep clean your apartment.


Whether you’re at your own place or staying with a family member or friend, spend half a day deep cleaning. Not only will you thank yourself (or your hosts will thank you) when post-holiday work picks up, but you’ll feel like you just did a great service to yourself and those around you.