Hershey’s Donut Bites Are Soft Pillows Of Chocolate Dreams


It seems like Hershey’s has done it all at this point, but these donut bites bring us an entirely new level of sweet possibilities.

General Mills has partnered with classic chocolate company Hershey’s to create Hershey’s Bites, chocolate donut bites covered in sugar and stuffed with a creamy chocolate filling.

Your standard box of Hershey’s Bites comes stocked with 18 donuts. All you need to do is zap the donuts in the microwave for 30 seconds, and they’re ready to eat. It looks like four donut bites will run you a total of 180 calories, which isn’t too shabby. You can also find a jumbo-size box at BJ’s that’s loaded with 72 donuts.

When you’re in the mood for chocolate but need something a little heartier, these donuts look like the ultimate comfort snack. With Hershey’s chocolate oozing out of the center, good luck not eating the entire box in one sitting.

[h/t @junkbanter]