Harry Potter Fans Need To Try These Butterbeer Donuts


Harry Potter fans, do you freak out every time you see a recipe for butterbeer? If you’re still hype about the HP-inspired drink, you have to try these butterbeer donuts. Delish reports that donut chain Sugar Shack is now offering butterbeer-flavored donuts, and we’re grabbing our wands and heading to the nearest location ASAP.

For the month of October only, you can try the donuts, which are dipped in white glaze and covered in gold star sprinkles. The best part about the donut (other than its gorgeousness): the hole in the middle looks just like a golden snitch. The “snitch” is a shimmery donut hole with vanilla fondant wings.

Sugar Shack’s Instagram account says that if you bring a Harry Potter book into your nearest store this month, you’ll receive a free house donut. Wow, Sugar Shack is quickly becoming one badass donut brand.

Get your unique butterbeer fix by grabbing one of these babies sometime in October. The donuts are so Instagrammable, but we’ll warn you now that you may not have the patience to hold off on devouring it.

HP fans, gather. Wrap your house scarf around your neck and apparate to the nearest Sugar Shack pronto.