9/11/18 Newsletter: 😊Happiest States In The U.S.😊

happiest states in the u.s.

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According to WalletHub’s 2018 state-based data, Hawaii is the place to be if emotional and physical well-being are your top priorities. And for those who love their work but also understand the importance of balance, Utah ranked first while also requiring the fewest amount of work hours.

The methodology: Taking into consideration 31 relevant metrics encompassing residents’ emotional and physical well-being, work environments and local communities, the personal finance website ranked each state within each category and then across the board with average scores.

The Bottom Line: While Hawaii, Utah and Minnesota see the happiest days, West Virginia, Arkansas and Louisiana rank at the bottom of the list. Looks like they’ve got some happy to catch up on! [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Running Edition

Rub clear deodorant on your heels to prevent blisters while running.


Did You Know? While eight hours has been the recommended amount of sleep time for decades, eight isn’t the magic number for getting the best night’s rest. The window you should aim for is seven to nine hours, or five to six sleep cycles, which allows your body to go into prime healing and repairing mode. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

Being selective with what you studied in college may have paid off. New research from Bankrate.com suggests that actuarial science is the most valuable college major, while miscellaneous fine arts is the least. The rankings are based on average salaries, unemployment rates and needs for advanced degrees. [Swirled]

Did You Know? Some Mac Store apps are scraping your data and uploading it to their servers. Commonly used apps like Adware Doctor, Adware Medic and Dr. Cleaner were duping users by faking Mac actions like “Scan for viruses” and “Clear cache.” Protect your data by checking your Mac’s app privacy settings! [The Next Web]

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Food + Drink

Starting this October, you’ll find cans of Hershey’s and Reese’s whipped cream at grocery stores nationwide. (We know, it’s a big deal.) The whipped dairy topping goes perfectly with your favorite pancakes, waffles, brownies and ice cream. [Swirled]

Recipe of the day: Nothing screams comfort food like a caramelized onion grilled cheese. By cooking down some yellow onions until they’re a sensuous golden brown and packing them into a grilled cheese with some Havarti or white cheddar, you have a killer meal in under an hour. [Swirled]

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Move over, spaceships — Japanese engineers are building an elevator to space. By the year 2050, researchers hope to have built a space elevator to ferry both cargo and people from earth to a satellite. The biggest challenge? Figuring out if an elevator can work without gravity. [Swirled]

Deal of the day: Your dream of seeing Machu Picchu is about to come true. Prices on roundtrip flights from U.S. cities like NYC, Boston, LA, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to Lima are as low as $439. From there, it’s a hop, skip and jump to the Seventh Wonder of the World. [Swirled]

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