This Swiss Elevator Takes You Over 500 Feet Into The Sky


Switzerland is known for its gorgeous Alps and sweeping valleys, so if you visit, make sure to get a good view. We think we may have found the best way to view Switzerland in all its glory. Say hello to the Hammetschwand Elevator, the one way you can see everything from more than 500 feet up. You’ll literally be in the clouds.

The Hammetschwand Elevator, which operates as a lift to the peak of Bürgenstock Mountain, is a main attraction for visitors and locals alike. The elevator is the highest outdoor elevator in Europe and has been in service for more than 100 years. Its views over the Lucerne Valley and Lake are almost too unreal to handle.

You can ride in the elevator, which is made of glass, all the way up to the mountain peak, so your view will be amazing for the entire ride.

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To get to the lift, you can either take a boat from Lucerne, a train from multiple locations or a bus from multiple locations. The lift doesn’t operate in the winter (since it’s too dangerous), so make plans to see it before the cold, blustery days arrive or in the late spring when everything is thawing.

Your head will be in the clouds (dependent on the weather, but still cool) once you reach the peak, but the trip up is a true sight for sore eyes. Don’t miss out.