Grilled Cheese Pizza Is The Comfort Food Combo You Need Right Now

Grilled Cheese Pizza New York City


If cheese can make pretty much any bad day better, this grilled cheese pizza from New York City’s Krave It is the true solution to all of life’s pesky problems.

This grilled cheese pizza is made with two kinds of mozzarella, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese swirled alongside beautiful spirals of sauce. The four-cheese pie goes into the oven with Buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and cilantro on top to give it a fresh and spicy kick.

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Get ready for all kinds of elaborate cheese pulls with this decadent pie. Seriously, we’re talking ceiling-high cheese pulls here.

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Krave It is known for its decked-out creations like the China King, with General Tso-style fried chicken, sweet chili sauce, sesame seeds and scallion, and the Desi Boy, with chicken tikka masala sauce, tandoor-fried chicken, paneer cheese, fresh cilantro and jalapeño.

This Queens pizza joint deserves a spot on our travel list!


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