6 Ways Greek Yogurt Will Make Your Meals Creamier And Healthier


When your recipes call for a creamy addition, Greek yogurt will be your superhero. Aside from the creamier texture and tangier flavor than regular yogurt, it has around double the amount of protein, which gives you more energy. It’s especially helpful for people trying to avoid meat. Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics, the good kinds of bacteria that can help to boost your immune system and decrease stomach issues. In our everyday lives, Greek yogurt is a great alternative to heavier ingredients like oil, butter, heavy cream and sour cream. Here are six ways you can use Greek yogurt to make your meals creamier and healthier.

1. Substitute For Cream Cheese 

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You can turn Greek yogurt into a cream cheese-like spread for bagels, toast or crackers. All you need is yogurt, a muslin cloth and some patience. A strained yogurt is an ideal option if you’re mildly lactose intolerant. You’ll get the gut-friendly bacteria without the excess fat. Make sure you buy a good quality yogurt for the job. One without any extra additives is best. Another name for strained yogurt is labneh, or yogurt cheese and it’s one of the core ingredients of Middle Eastern cuisine. Get yourself a fluffy everything bagel and spread some Greek yogurt cheese on it for breakfast. Chances are, you’ll be a fan.

2. Add It To Guac

Guacamole is already pretty healthy because well, avocados. You can make your favorite creamy dip a little healthier with Greek yogurt. It lends a creamy and tangy flavor that’s unrivaled. The next time you’re having a dinner party, whip out the red onion, lime juice, tomatoes, avocados, cilantro and add about 1/3 cup of full-fat Greek yogurt if you use two avocados. We can pretty much guarantee this will be a staple on your menu going forward.

3. Ditch The Sour Cream In Soups, Stews And Dips

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Instead of adding sour cream, cream cheese or heavy cream to your soups and dips, try Greek yogurt instead. Use it in a French onion dip, tzatziki sauce, spinach and artichoke dip or butternut squash and tahini dip. It’ll taste just as good in chili for game day or as a creamy addition to any soup you’re making.

4. Use It As A Marinade 

Yogurt makes for an amazing meat tenderizer. The active bacteria and the acidity in the yogurt break down the protein, making chicken breasts and steaks moist and tender. Use Greek yogurt for tenderizing a fatty cut of meat like lamb or chicken thighs. It’s common in Indian dishes like Tandoori chicken or chicken tikka masala to marinate in yogurt before cooking. Just make sure it’s the full-fat Greek yogurt for the best and creamiest results.

5. Make Your Pancakes Healthier 

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You can substitute Greek yogurt for buttermilk or regular milk in your favorite pancake recipe. The yogurt will add a little bit of tanginess and a protein punch to your morning short stack. You can add a plain or fruity flavor and the results will be fluffy and gut-friendly.

6. Make Your Pasta Dishes Creamier

Next time a recipe calls for heavy cream, think twice and go for the Greek. You can substitute Greek yogurt in fettuccini Alfredo, spaghetti carbonara or in tomato sauce for a healthier version of a pink sauce. The yogurt will add other elements that regular dairy products wouldn’t, plus it goes well with all of the spices and herbs you might already have in mind. Try an easy and light lemon pasta recipe with linguine, garlic, lemon juice, Greek yogurt, lemon zest, olive oil and rosemary. You can’t loose.