PSA: You Can Now Zip Line Above The Grand Canyon


You can now see the epic, wide expanse of the Grand Canyon from a true bird’s-eye view. No, we’re not talking about a helicopter tour or airplane. We’re talking about a zip line.

The new attraction reaches 1,000 feet above the canyon. The longest line stretches 2,100 feet across — that’s nearly half a mile!

The zip line can take four people at a time across the famous canyon, so it’s totally possible to zip with your pals, too. (This setup is perfect if you need a little extra push to step off the platform.) The lines whoosh through the air at speeds reaching nearly 50 miles per hour.

The zip line is located at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon (so it’s not a part of Grand Canyon National Park), but it is near the glass bridge Skywalk if you want to double up on your canyon thrills. Zipping costs $89 per person.

Who’s ready to fly?!