Google Has A New Phone Plan Perfect For Travelers — And It’s Not Just For Google Phones

google fi phone plan


Google is entering the phone service business with its new program Google Fi, and it’s basically made for globetrotters. Google Fi is a phone service plan tailor-made for the travel type — and it’s not only for Google phones.

Google Fi works on a SIM card basis. That means you can call, text and even use your data in 170 countries around the world. We’re talking no more awkward calls to your phone service to warn them you’re going away and no more coughing up international fees.

It’s a pay-as-you-go plan. For every 10 gigabytes of data you use, you pay $10. And once you hit 60GB, the rest of the month is free. Then you spend $20 for calls and texting, and the rest depends on how much you use your data off WiFi. If you end up using all of your data each month, then your bill will come out to $80 (the maximum amount). The only thing that still might cost you extra? Calling home from abroad, depending on where you’re headed.

Now, people with Google Pixels have been able to use Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) for a while now. But now you can use Google Fi on most Android phones and even iPhones. But heads up: It takes a couple of extra steps to get a Google service set up on an iPhone. You can thank the Silicon Valley tech wars for that one.

google fi phone plan

Unsplash/Charisse Kenion

Wondering how the nitty gritty internet stuff works? You’ve got access to three different LTE networks and Google automatically connects you to all the public WiFi your phone can find. Before you start worrying about getting hacked, Google uses a virtual private network to protect your phone.

When you’re headed somewhere that calls for some serious unplugging, you can pause your Google Fi service until you’re back from the mountains or the deserted island of your choosing. You can also cancel your service at any time; there are no crazy contracts that’ll keep you trapped for years.

If you’re tempted to give Google Fi a try, just sign up for the service on the website and Google will ship you a brand new Google Fi SIM card. From there, activate your service and get right back on the road. Think of all the downloadable map space you can save on your phone if you have data abroad!


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