This Icelandic Beach Transports You Back To The Ice Age


Hey beach people, want to try something a little different this year? By different, we mean cold. If you’re wondering why you would subject yourself to a cold beach, hear us out. This Icelandic beach is so drop-dead beautiful, you’ll forget all about your trip to the Caribbean.

The beach, called Glacier Lagoon, makes you feel like you’re back in the Ice Age. Bright blue icebergs, which are carved from the glacier Vatnajökull, float in the lake Jökulsárlón. The crystal lagoon water is a sight for sore eyes.

Even in the summer, the lagoon, which is located in southeast Iceland, is full of the glaciers. If you’re feeling brave, you can jump into the lake, but make sure to bring a good change of clothes!

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Iceland is full of wonders, and this beach is one of them. Don’t miss out on this unique wonder — we promise every ounce of chill is worth it.