Daily Fit 4/17/19: Get Trim With Banded Plank Jacks.

Get trim with banded plank jacks

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Health Tip of the Day: Banded plank jacks get your heart pumping while also toning your legs.

How To Do Them: Start in a high plank position with a loop resistance band around your ankles. Keep your hips level and your core tight as you jump both feet out to your sides (jump your left foot to your left side and your right foot to your right side). Jump your feet back together and repeat. Continue jumping like this for 30 seconds, take a 30-second break and repeat the cycle two more times.

Why They Work: Adding a resistance band to this dynamic plank exercise will help strengthen and tone the outer and inner portion of your thighs and your glutes, as well as tone and tighten your tummy. The high-intensity and heart-pumping nature of this exercise also make it great for burning fat and torching calories in a short period of time. It’s a win-win! [Swirled]

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