Newsletter 7/11/18: Get To Hawaii For $311 Roundtrip🏝

get to hawaii for $311 roundtrip

Unsplash/Braden Jarvis

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Deal Of The Day

Hawaii’s on our mind, and this time, you can bring it to life. Roundtrip flights leaving U.S. cities like NYC, Dallas, Phoenix and LA to Kona, Lihue and Maui are going for as little as $311 right now. Aloha! [The Points Guy]

Life Hack Of The Day: Appliance Edition

Make any stainless steel or glass kitchen appliance spotless by rubbing it with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Power Up

That’s Intense

In case you needed another reason to try HIIT (high-intensity interval training), research found that the workout method could help stop — and in some cases, even reverse — the physical effects of aging. Bring on those burpees! [Swirled]

Curry On

Aside from the fact that it’s delicious, curry has some great health benefits if you incorporate it regularly into your diet. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making your immune system stronger, and its levels of magnesium and phosphorus keep your bones strong. [Swirled]

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Can’t stop daydreaming? Recent research found that excessive daydreaming could possibly be a mental disorder called “maladaptive daydreaming,” which occurs when people spend hours stuck in a daydream that interrupts their real lives. Our bet? You’re likely in the clear. [The Cut]

Get It Done

Read All About It

If you’re ready to refresh (or even start on) those career goals, hit the books. Successful people like author Dan Zadra offer up advice on how to begin or resume your journey to success. Zadra’s book, “Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?” forces you to position yourself in the future and visualize what your future really looks like. [Swirled]

Pay Day

No, personal finance isn’t exactly exciting. But you know what is? Being paid to take a class on it. Yep, Arizona’s TCI Foundation offers a free personal finance course to users, and upon completing the final exam, they receive two years of complimentary financial advice and a $1,000 Roth IRA contribution. [CNBC]

Extra Credit

Interested in building credit without having to rely heavily on your credit card? Try jumping on someone else’s line of credit by becoming a co-owner of an account or asset, or get a bank-issued secured credit card, which is different from a normal credit card in that you are your own lender but still are issued your own line of credit. [CBS]

Savor Each Bite

Right On Target

Step aside, other low-calorie, high-protein ice cream! Target got in the game by rolling out a line of Archer Farms ice creams with 20 to 22 grams of protein and around 300 calories per pint. With flavors like pecan pie, cookie dough and mint cookies and cream, we’re here for it. [Swirled]

Whata Surprise!

Hey, southerners, we know you love your Whataburger. But do you know about its secret menu items? Try the apple pie milkshake, which incorporates one of the chain’s fresh apple pies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or order the chicken biscuit but swap the BBQ sauce for honey butter. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Spice up your weeknight dinner and ditch your go-to baked cauliflower recipe for a sweet sesame variation. You’ll love this cauliflower so much that you’ll forget about the rest of your dinner. [Spicy Southern Kitchen]

Pack Your Bags

I’m Feeling South America

Ready to embark on an adventure to South America, but not sure which city to visit? Social butterflies, flock to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has a thriving night scene and a beach BBQ on every block. Artists, on the other hand, should go to Cartagena, Colombia, which is always bustling with creativity. [Swirled]

Traveling Light

If you’re concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint while traveling, bring a reusable water bottle and opt for a bike tour instead of a trade car. Even better: Find hotels and hostels that commit to the environment. [Swirled]

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