This Tiny, Picture-Perfect Swiss Mountain Town Will Pay You To Move There

get paid to move to albinen switzerland


We have a new 10-year plan for you: Move to Albinen, collect $25,000 and live a dreamy, alpine existence in Switzerland.

The residents of the village of Albinen near Leukerbad resort are considering an incentive program to get people to move to their town. Call it a “live in Switzerland” bribe, if you will (not that we’d need much prompting to live the Swiss life). The deal would give new Albinen citizens $25,000 if they agreed to stay in the town for 10 years, according to The Local.

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Right now, there are about 240 permanent residents in Albinen with an uptick in the population during ski season. And if you’re under 45 years old and can afford to purchase a $200,000 piece of property (or go in on it with a partner or family member), you could join Albinen’s ranks.

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Besides the money, newbies would find a picturesque existence in the tiny village. It overlooks the Rhône Valley and is a four-season town. That means you can enjoy hiking in the summer, observing gorgeous foliage in the fall and skiing in the winter. While there might not be that many jobs up for grabs in Albinen, if you could arrange to work remotely or freelance, they’re ready for you.