Here’s When To Go Generic vs. Sticking With The Brand Name

Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC BY

It’s always a tough call at the grocery store. Do you go for the brand name that costs $3 more than the generic version, or will latter do the trick? Sometimes there’s a huge difference in quality and sometimes there’s no difference at all.

Many people think generic usually means reduced quality. Perhaps that’s true in some cases where the taste, texture and consistency are compromised. In other instances though, expensive branding is the only difference. Chefs often buy generic when it comes to ingredients for baking, soups, spreads and teas, but then they’ll splurge for the name brand with yogurt and ice cream.

It all comes down to personal preference and sometimes there’s a comfort factor at play. Above all, you should read ingredient labels. Whether it’s your childhood brand or the generic kind, educating yourself on the ingredients can make it a little easier to decide.

If you’re looking to balance your budget, here are some tips on when to go generic and when to opt for the brand name.