These Galaxy Sundae Bowls Are The Epitome Of A Sugar Rush


If you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth, you need one of these insane galaxy sundae bowls. They pack in more than just a sundae — you’ll get a little taste of every kind of candy by ordering the monster dessert. And where can you find this sugary treat, you’re wondering? At Coney Waffle at a number of its New Jersey locations.

Coney Waffle is already known for its freak shakes (think a milkshake with a bunch of extras on top like cookies, lollipops, frosting and sprinkles). Just look at this thing:

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By creating the galaxy sundae bowl, the sweet shop’s popularity just blew up even more. Delish reports that the bowls are made with a multi-colored waffle, up to three kinds of ice cream (your choice, of course) and the toppings, which the staff provides for you.

Thankfully, the shop decided against any goopy or wet toppings — they must have known these bowls would be hard to finish, so the dish sticks with a coney waffle (two scoops of ice cream sandwiched between waffles), cotton candy, gummies, a lollipop and more.

Get your own at one of the Coney Waffle locations in New Jersey. We know we’re jumping for it.