Your Favorite Frosted Sugar Cookies Are At Trader Joe’s And They’re Tempting AF


You know the sugar cookies we’re talking about. They make it to the table at every holiday party, they’re a mainstay at Friendsgiving and they even appear at the communal snack station in your office. They’re those fluffy, overwhelmingly sweet, vibrantly colored, frosted sugar cookies that probably saved your ass multiple times when you needed to bring something to a potluck dinner.

Well, your life just way sweeter because Trader Joe’s is selling their own version of these sugar-laden creations. We’re not saying they’re quality cookies by any means, but if you’re a fan of these cookie aisle staples, you’ll be excited about this news.

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You can buy a container of 10 cookies for just $2.99 in the bakery section of TJ’s. These pale, rainbow-sprinkled sugar cookies are exactly what you’d expect with a swirl of white icing on top. So when you’re in need of a sugar fix, buy yourself a pack of these babies and get cozy with a glass of milk. They’re soft, they’re almost cake-like, and you probably won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

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