9 Public Gardens Around The World That Are Completely Gorgeous And Free To Visit


When you need a break from the city, these gardens are ready to welcome you to leafy green paradises sans entrance fees.

That’s right: it costs nothing to smell the roses at these nine beautiful botanical gardens around the world (in no particular order). Some of our favorites are hidden in small cities while others are on display in some of the most iconic metros worldwide.

1. International Rose Test Garden: Portland, Oregon, U.S.

There are more than 10,000 roses at the Portland International Rose Test Garden, and the test site has been growing hybrid roses since 1918. Also nearby is the spectacular Japanese Garden.

2. Botanical Garden: Zagreb, Croatia

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This garden is devoted to researching native Croatian plants, and because the Balkan country is home to such diverse natural environments, the botanical garden has Mediterranean rock gardens, mountain wildflowers and subtropical jungle plants.

3. Como Zoo Conservatory: St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

This stunning sunken garden showcases the most curated blooms in the park; however, Como also has a tropical greenhouse, orchid house and water gardens (only typical of the lake-filled city).

4. Hyde Park: London, U.K.

One of the city’s royal parks, Hyde covers 275 acres. There’s a lake, rose garden, commemorative fountains (watch for Princess Diana’s) and miles of paths through the greenery.

5. Menara Gardens: Marrakech, Morocco

These 12th-century gardens thrive in the desert temperatures of Morrocco. Visitors will enjoy the shade of intricately architected buildings and cool breezes off the canal systems.

6. Imperial Palace East Gardens: Tokyo, Japan

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Regardless of whether you make it for the region’s delightful cherry blossom season, wind your way around the many wide trails surrounding the Imperial Palace, and enjoy the mix of manicured gardens and wilder moats.

7. Jardin Des Plantes: Paris, France

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Separated from the well-trodden tourist paths through the Tuileries gardens, Jardin des Plantes is home to 10,000 species and has been in operation since 1640.

8. Balboa Park: San Diego, California, U.S.

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The list of gardens is extensive at Balboa Park: Cactus, Australian, California Native, Desert, Rose, Japanese, Palms, Canyon and more.

9. Parque Lage: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This estate in the mountains is now home to free art exhibitions, explorable caves, English-style gardens and a hiking trail to the city’s famed Christ the Redeemer statue.