Daily Fit 4/15/19: Forest Bathing Is A Must

Forest bathing is a must

Unsplash / IB Wira Dyatmika

Health Tip of the Day: Make forest bathing part of your weekly health ritual.

What Is Forest Bathing: Forest bathing is simply the act of spending mindful, leisure time in a forest to soak up its health benefits. You don’t actually dive into any river or waterfall. Instead, you focus on all of the smells, textures, tastes and sights of the nature surrounding you as you wander around with no end destination, feeling a renewed sense of slowness and calm seep into your body. This practice of tuning into nature and all that it can offer via forests originated in Japan (where it’s called shinrin-yoku) in the 1980s. In this culture, it’s considered a standard and legitimate form of preventative medicine, and professionals there have dedicated their time to proving empirically how helpful forest bathing can be for mankind. Recent research reveals that forest bathing can boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood, increase concentration and focus, speed physical recovery from illness, increase energy and improve sleep.

How To Do It: When you go forest bathing, you have to try to see nature as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it. Breathe deeply, and let the clutter filling your brain gradually fade away. Shove your nose into a tree’s bark and really take in its scent. Listen to the slight movements of insects and animals moving about their homeland as leaves rustle in the breeze. Whatever you do, leave your agenda at home and just be in the woods. This is not a time for goals and accomplishments. This is a time for peace and quiet. [Swirled]

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