Daily Fit 5/15/19: Foods That Keep You Hydrated

foods that keep you hydrated


Health Tip Of The Day: What To Eat To Stay Hydrated If You Hate Drinking Water.

The Hack: In order to stay properly hydrated, you need to down at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. On those days when you just can’t meet this hydration goal — whether it be because you’re out and about without easy access to water or just because you hate chugging agua more than anything — eating fruits, veggies and other foods that have a high water content can keep you from feeling sluggish and dehydrated. Veggies that have a high concentration of water include cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, celery and tomatoes. When it comes to fruits, look for watermelon and cantaloupe. Yogurt, broth and chia seeds are among a few other foods that are surprisingly hydrating. Although these foods can never fully substitute the hydrating effects of drinking water, they can still help you meet your daily water intake objective.

Why It Matters: Every tissue, cell and organ in your body needs water to survive and function properly. Water helps your body maintain its normal temperature, remove waste and lubricate your joints. Not drinking enough water can make you feel sluggish, dizzy and distracted. Dehydration might also lead you to eat food even when you aren’t hungry, because thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re drinking enough water, use your pee color as a guide: if it’s usually colorless or light yellow, you’re probably fine. But if it’s dark yellow or amber color, then it’s time to up your H2O intake. [Swirled]

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