5 Foods That Fuel Your Skin Problems

Unsplash/Nur Afni Setiyaningrum

Your diet plays a crucial role in how you function, think and feel, and when you stumble upon a certain food your body doesn’t like, you pretty much know immediately. You’re probably aware of what you’re allergic to, but it might be news that if you have a preexisting skin condition like eczema or are prone to rashes, there are foods to steer clear of completely. Here’s a rundown of what could be fueling your skin problems:

1. Avocado


We know, this is sad news. We love avo, and it’s great unless you have a preexisting skin condition. It’s a rich source of amines and itch-promoting salicylates, which can negatively impact a condition like eczema.

2. Dairy


If you’re prone to rashes or clusters of bumps on your skin, dairy should be avoided at all costs. Milk proteins are irritants and can aggravate allergies, as well as any skin condition that has the opportunity to flare up.

3. Eggs


Eggs are an incredible source of protein, but they may be a trigger food if you’re prone to rashes. That’s especially the case with egg whites. Histamines in your body can reject eggs and cause breakouts within minutes or hours of consuming them.

4. Wine


Wine is a notorious irritant for anyone who often blushes or breaks out. The tannins in wine, particularly red wine, can cause you to develop rashes or hives. White wine has less of an effect, but it should only be consumed in small amounts in the context of your skin.

5. Soy


If your skin is ultra sensitive, you may find that foods that contain soy can cause flare-ups. If you’re not sure whether soy affects you, just look at your face an hour or so after consuming it. If you’re flushing, you probably have, at the very least, a low-level intolerance that can further irritate your skin.